Saturday, September 16, 2006

Of love and losing

You, I swathe
With the warm darkness
In a shadowy grove
In my mind.
And with you contained by me
Smiling proudly at the world,
That would not let you die
Nor me,
Pronounce you dead.
But you, as always
must prove me wrong .
Ambush me and humiliate
Before the world to see
Reflected in my eyes
My truth and yours.
And like before
Like in the days
When we loved and lived
I lose and smile.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

incorrect corrections.

Heh heh heh heh...this sure is funny. Microsoft-word has a hilarious way of suggesting corrections for a wrong word [they think]…especially when the supposed wrong word is an Indian name.
Below is a list of my friends’ names and their respective distortions... [Chuckle]

disclaimer: ppl mentioned below are my friends and so are the ones not mentioned below.

Sohini –shiny, shine Shin, shinny, shins.[I wonder why they didn’t suggest skinny?]
Sayani –saying, salami, satanic, saran, sean
Sayan –satan [ did they know?]sean, saran,saying, say an.
Pratiti – partite, partita, ratite, partition, patti. [he he prati I guess u do know what patti stands for in Tamil…or is it Malayalam? or even Telugu.]
Sanjana –santana.

Megha –Meghan, mega [acceptable]
Ujjayini –no spelling suggestions [see what i meant by hilarious!?]
Abhishek- banished [yay!!] banishes, banisher, Bishkek.
Arnab – Arab, arena, Arabs, Barnaby, Ana
Tanmoy –tammy, anomy, tango, tomboy, annoy [bulls eye]
Indranil –ingrain, Indiana, Indianola, ingrains, intranet.
Sayori –savory, saylor, savoir, savor, seri.
Shaona –shauna, sheena, shaun shone.
Debosree –debaser, debasers, debase,[huh??] depose, Debora.
Oindrila –india, conidial, Cinderella [hmmmm] indri.
Sreetama –streetman [hehe] streetlamp, retime, sesame, seedtime.
Tanusree –tonsure, tenure, tonsured ,tonsures, tenures.
Sandipan –sandi pan[ whoa!!]

Wow!! I have so many friends!! And I have not even named half of them…feels good.and the majority that i have not named...please do excuse me...its 2:53 in the morning.....[my sweetest possible heart-winning {i hope} smile]..i am so sorry.

on request. :)
Insiya –India Inseam Unisia Indian Insofar ...hehe.