Monday, March 24, 2008

Delinquent stars peep and blink
At me, outside his rusty door
That has claw marks and dried blood
On it’s weather-beaten, crumbling body.
His door has on it, some charm
The witch-doctor dipped his palms in
And applied.
Like an ointment on a wounded body.
Though rusty and broken in parts
The door doesn’t allow me in
Nor my pleas
Nor my angry kicks,
Nor my amateur black magic
So I tried his dreams instead
Where I knew,
the rat-woman sat sipping wine.
But he has forgotten my face, it seems.
He takes the rat-woman in his arms
And says “who let this witch in?”
Delinquent stars peep and blink
As I go back and claw at his door.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I have poured myself into endless wineglasses
for you to drink. I am a shape-shifter as you know.
I melt out of your enclosed fist, you say “you’re silk”
And I revel in my new found silk-ness.
I am the scorching mid-day sunshine that seeps through you
And the murky evening shadow. I am poison for you.
Red and green and blue punctuate the dreamy darkness
I can create by closing my eyes, the one I share with you.
The one time you licked the salty tears off my lips
You said I taste of myths and rainy evenings by the sea

And a guiltless, mirthful Paris night
One hears stories of, from old, ancient, dying sailors.
And then you said I smell of old, yellowed books
And dark alleyways with a filigree of light on the floor.
I think I am your muse, the pagan goddess of love
Ageless, shapeless and loveless.