Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Last Dance

Come my love, let us have this one last dance
And then no more.
Our hands shall touch,
Our lips shall meet
Your heart in me and mine in you shall throb.
The rain shall be our tune
And silence our words,
While by the blazing firelight we dance.
We shall carve a shadow on the wall
Of not two lovers but one.

The night is young;
Hold my hand and let us dance,
We shall whirl around,
Fast as the days that we have left behind.
Thunders shall sing for us
Memory shall serve as words
Like waves in a storm raged sea
Like lightning in a cloud-laden sky
Come my love, let us dance.
Like souls of lovers possessed by love.

Behold the night is gone,
The rain has stopped
The moon is wan.
Hold my hand and let us dance
We shall tread softly as if on flowers,
We shall murmur words of love, music to our ears.
Time shall stand still,
While we savor the delicate present moment,
Drowning in the other’s arms and eyes.
By the dying firelight,
Come my love, let us love this one last time
For tonight and then no more.

Tomorrow is another new day.

dunno what to name it. The Last Dance?

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Wait.

Isn’t there anything
that you haven’t said to me?
A little something perhaps
that you have hidden in your heart
For reasons unknown to you and me!
Isnt there a soothing voice
suppressed by your real booming baritone
that contemplates saying aloud
Words that your real voice couldn’t?
Words that welled up in your eyes
as you sat by me day and night
watching my shadow grow thin by day
and thinner by night?
Words that oozed through your fingertips
when you led me on to see the setting sun
and the rising moon
but never tumbled down your lips.
Say it aloud then for the world to hear
or whisper only in my ears.
For life is not long for me
and my shadow walks on earth
only for a couple more of days
waiting for you to say…
Isn’t there something
that you haven’t said to me?

P.S sorry. i know it's dumb.