Sunday, August 27, 2006

Geometry of emotions

Circles of love
Entangled in triangles of greedy passion
Coupled inproportionately with
Deep rooted jealousy in ellipses
Make a hap-hazard multi-section
of the shapeless human heart
Give rise to cascading spirals of pain.
Sphere of rage engulfs the same sad heart.
Hyperbolic hubris dominates all affections of square nature
And distorts the shapeless human heart
Into a crooked inverted cone.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Pain left me not
I begged, I cried, forced and beseeched.
A fonder smile and fonder arms around me.
In that strong inexorable embrace
The world lost itself.
Melted into mellow madness
Or lost its rhyme in a whirlpool of time
I knew not which,
As I blew, I burnt, I flowed and I froze
Weeping and laughing
Awake and in dreams
Enraptured, enamoured, over-whelmed.

I still flow and I still blow
Screaming that I love him not
When in solitude or in a crowd
He comes back
Or ghost of his fond embrace,
And clings on to my body and soul,
Like a lover!
And yet after he vanishes,
Signs left back but in my heart
And on my tear-stained cheeks,
I call him fond names,
Wishing pain, my love, back again.

Friday, August 18, 2006

vanished, asleep or in coma

I have looked carefully
pondered over markless stains in vacuum
detected the immortality of time that is not here now
Time that has vanished without a sign left back.

I have searched carefully
ideas in glimpses that never matured into thoughts
lie snoring and roaring at the back of my mind
asleep; asleep as a volcano before it erupts and flows.

I have noted my dream carefully
In a bed of white lies my conscience, comatose.
The whiteness of her eyes contradicting the surrounding dark
saying as if,” I’ll be back before your lamp extinguishes”.