Monday, July 20, 2009

It shall find a way…

Seep in through frayed holes in curtains,

Narrow gap between the wall and the door,

The door and the floor,

Through eyelids squeezed shut.

Whether you will or not

Light will force its way

Into the darkness behind your eyes.

Friday, July 03, 2009

There were whispered promises in the air

Jealous ears tried to steal,

And love in inebriated eyes.

There were dream-sellers too

Vending pretty bottle-fuls

In exchange for all your nightmares.

Hearts bobbed inside tall wine glasses

And hands touched,

Tenderer than before they part.

You touched music with your lips

And hung on to a kiss

As if you had tasted the light of the soul

And night melted away

like the aftertaste in your mouth.

Now the sun’s high on the horizon

And the night’s vapours are gone.

Molts litter the ground

You had danced upon

And the sequined mask

of last night’s Ball

Has welded into your face,

You, forever a Cinderella

In the endless masquerade

that began last night.