Saturday, November 24, 2007

sahadev aka Ponds

The sea water over her body
blue, foamy blue, green, blue-green
sparkles where the sunrays touch it.
Her hair or seaweeds
like flagella, like tentacles
are scattered over miles, miles, miles.
Is she breathing water then?
Like she wanted to?
In this state…this limbo like state
its so hard to distinguish
between the sea-song and the death-dirge.
The sea may even sing of life.
Waves crash on the shore
erasing her footprints…
nobody would have identified anyway.
She floats, blue under the blue water.
It is so difficult to choose…
When life is death
And death…
Well, death is death itself.
The booty never has a choice.

Anurima provided me with this beautiful picture. This is just what I had in mind. Thank you Anurima.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Somewhere, far away, a clock struck two.
A wayward wind scattered blackness
over the already dark trees and the placid lake
and spread some like a blanket over you and me.
Mingled with the church bell gongs and a cuckoo’s cry
I heard your voice…wispy, soft…'its time to go’
I was lying in your embrace
hoping that time would stop
or lose its meaning
and our kiss would last
till time seeped into our senses again.
You arranged your white gown, smoothened the creases.
You brushed away the remnants of love
from your face, neck and wiped the love-kohl away.
Astride the wayward wind you flew away, blew away,
a virgin again and stripped of love.
When I opened my eyes
and realized
you were a figment of my fantasy,
a dream!
the mirror told me…I have your love in my eyes
and your bracelet nestling in my fist.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Priyadarshini tagged me on this and I having nothing better to post at the moment take refuge in getting tagged and tagging people in turn. I tag Indranil, shreya, sohini and inihos.
Dont change the words in block letters.

A ACCEPT your shortcomings.
B BREAK the shackles of mediocrity.
C CREATE Art and beauty.
D DECIDE firmly
E EXPLORE your true self
F FORGIVE justly
G GROW taller [stictly for myself]
H HOPE to reach perfection.
I IGNORE people who praise you falsely.
J JOURNEY beyond known environments .
K KNOW your faults.
L LOVE life and death too.
M MANAGE time and anger.
N NOTICE beauty in everything.
O OPEN your mind.
P PLAY games not with life or love.
Q QUESTION everything.
R RELAX to gather strength.
S SHARE happiness and sorrow.
T TRY to make this world a better place.
U USE your faculties well.
V VALUE every experience.
W WORK undefatigably while you can.
X X-RAY your emotions .
Y YIELD not to temptations [except the chocolates]
Z ZOOM high above mediocrity.

Monday, November 05, 2007

An Apology

Baby, baby they do not want you
Baby, I know not what to do.
This world is a bad place anyway
People here die a new death everyday.
My sweet, my precious, I have no power
They shout, they stomp…they make me cower.
Yet I wish you had seen the moon
Poems, chocolates, ballads I croon.
I wish I could hold your little toes,
When you cry, your tiny crinkled nose.
Baby, my baby please do not blame
I was ignorant…only playing a game.
You’ll never see these salty drops of tear
You’ll never feel my heart freeze in fear
Of hurting you, of losing you
When they abort you and my soul too.
Darling, angel please forgive
A weak mother who truly does grieve.
In reveries and dreams come back to me
You and I baby, happy shall we be.
Bye my child please do forgive
Poor your mother still has to live.