Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Himesh Reshamiya stars as Himesh Reshamiya in the movie 'AAP KA SUROOR'!!!
A treatise on his love-life, this film will also answer the (im)pertinent question that baffles the minds of millions of indians at home or abroad-why does he always wear a cap? About time!
I can't wait to c the movie! Can you?
Ahh when did i last laugh?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Finally!!!!U and i are back again!my dear dear blog!
...err...umm...well...i'm sorry.
Should have been more careful...err...caring.
I didn't at all want to desert you.I couldn't even if i wanted (mind i never wanted), i forgot the password.
:( yes I know! That's unpardonable.'How could i?'...indeed...i knowwww.
Let's talk about something else ,shall we?

I picked up two Enid blyton books from the BCL.:) The twins at St.clare's and The O'Sullivan twins.The connection is obvious to people who know me personally.:).
I can't remember when i last read Enid Blyton, but i remember the day i started reading Enid Blyton.The first book of the 'Malory tower' series was given to me as a prize honouring my academic excellence in class 2(biiiiig deal!!!!), and then there was no looking back.The Famous Five, The Secret Seven, The Five Find-outers and dog, The 'r as initial letter' mysteries...and the Adventures of the Wishing chair.
Ah!!Those wonderful days!The simplicity!The wide-eyed wonder!And the undying faith in magic,in beauty, in good's victory over bad.
And then those days vanished,got blown with the wind and time,but left back with me their melody and rhyme.
An attempt to recreate the magic and charm again.

Not the only reason why i picked up those books.
The children's fiction section is warm compared to the rest of the library room!gawd!!I bet u the temperature must have been near 18degree celsius.And i had to wait till 6p.m to bag a comfortable seat in my dad's chartered bus on its journey back home free from the sweaty smelly shoving crowd. And then nostalgia of course!
Alas! the cold won!drove me out exactly at 5:08,when i started shivering like a candle flame in the wind (only it trembles).
crowded bus!smelly sweaty shoving crowd!expletives! yuck!!
back to home! a shower! Good old Enid Blyton again!! after soo many years!!