Monday, December 15, 2008

He’s a man of the rivers

And you can see it in his eyes.

He’ll look at you nice and plain

And take off his hat and bow.

But when on a full moon-drunk night,

You are looking for the moon

In his deep set blue eyes,

And you are not too careful

He’ll lift the flimsy scrim

And drown you full and well

In the calmly flowing river

At the back of blue ink eyes.


pantabhooter jyanta chhana said...

the warning reads like an invitation to drown and the drunken moon,and the man's eyes seem to conspire to make her let go of her inhibitions for once.and i guess there's also a desire in her to let go and drown this time,isnt it?that is how i saw the poem at least!

Jadis said...

This is so beautiful. Sigh...

'And drown you full and well... In the calmly flowing river... At the back of blue ink eyes."

So haunting and so intense...

the basu said...

R.I.P madgirl
'twas a pleasure knowing you.reading you.fancy you taking the drown :(
may the ghost writeth more often

Anurima. said...

old world, i maintain :)

Anonymous said...

reminds me of porphyria's lover somehow...